Music for World Peace 
Composed by Kimio Mizutani
Mastered by Don Bartley



LONGFELLOW said "Music is the universal language of mankind"

Family members mourn the death of three male relatives in Baghdad on April 9. A father, his teenage son, and another male relative were shot and killed by U.S. Marines after the car they were driving allegedly did not stop while passing a building occupied by U.S. Marines.
(Carolyn Cole / LAT)     April 10, 2003

People around the world are in shock that we have just experienced yet another war where there were no winners. We lost untold innocent mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, to appease an arrogant, powerful and greedy minority.

The intention of this page is to use the power of music to transmit the message to all that we must learn from the mistakes of the past and live together in peace and harmony. We all should enjoy this beautiful, delicate blue green planet that is unique and is our very own paradise in the universe. It's the only one we've got !

Take this music into your hearts and think of the poor lost souls who have died for nothing, and consider that the majority of the population of this planet are peace loving pacifists, who have the power to unite and bring peace to all. When will we learn that as long as there are hungry poor people on this planet, there will always be conflict resulting in war. In a democratic society we have the power of the vote, so think carefully and make it a vote for peace.

Make love not war !

By Don Bartley


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