O music, In your depths we deposit our hearts and souls. Thou hast taught us to see with our ears and hear with our hearts.
Khalil Gibran

Music can exist only if it reflects the inner life of humanity, not the outer life of its technology. 
Alec Wilder

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Hello, welcome to my web page.

I've decided to maintain this web page for historical reasons and will be updating it on a regular basis with my personal messages and thoughts on the state of the music industry and any other related issues.

By now most of you are aware that in 2006 Reece Tunbridge and I set up a new mastering facility in Sydney Australia called Benchmark Mastering. It has been a huge success and we would like to thank all our clients, family and friends for their ongoing support, making the Benchmark name an international music industry icon.  2008 will be an exciting year for Benchmark, with further technical updates and expansion of our new music label, Benchmark Music. Our main focus will always be audio mastering and obtaining the best possible musical outcomes whilst maintaining artistic integrity. Benchmark's unique infrastructure is state of the art, combining the best of classic analogue and the latest digital technology, guaranteeing results that can't be bettered anywhere else on the planet, yet affordable to all.  Benchmark's charter is to support the music industry, not to dictate the terms of reference but to accept, encompass and follow where ever our artists wish to go! Benchmark has also established a unique "one stop shop" whereby we can now offer our clients all up packages that include completed end product ready for sale.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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