O music, In your depths we deposit our hearts and souls. Thou hast taught us to see with our ears and hear with our hearts.
Khalil Gibran

Music can exist only if it reflects the inner life of humanity, not the outer life of its technology. 
Alec Wilder




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Hello all and welcome to my personal website. As I've mentioned before I've kept this website operating for historical reasons, offering a place to talk about what’s happening, personal thoughts and news, your comments / feedback are always welcome.

Firstly, Benchmark Mastering has been moving along smoothly, working with an amazing variety of artist and music from all over the world. It does appear that in these troubled times the world still wants it's imaginations tantalized by the amazing power of music.

Here is the Latest News!

We have relocated our Mastering suite to my home in the Blue Mountains and are up and running,
business as usual.
The same classic equipment, same top quality and specializing in quick turnaround on-line Mastering,
Supplying WAV files and DDPi masters.
This move was brought about the ever changing music industry and gives us room to accommodate your needs.
Let me know if you have any special requests.
Please take note of our new contact details below.
I hope to hear from you all soon.

Kind Regards.

Location and Postal Address :
4 Maxwell Place, Blaxland, New South Wales, Australia, 2774.
PH: 61 (0)2 47395455
Mobile: 61 (0) 412217779

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